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Innovations over the past decade mean transitions in design actually. Fabiia has been constantly endeavouring to bring out a happy communion of smart innovation and creative designing. This is reflected in all the interior design projects undertaken by us over the years. As professionals in the custom furniture manufacture and LED lighting supply space we at Fabiia have made it our credo to outlive our clients’ expectations and deliver exemplary service. Our range of restaurant furniture and ship furniture are but examples of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Be it an interior fit out, restaurant retrofit or an office fit -out, Fabiia counts the happy satisfaction of its clients as its major success. The rest follow naturally!

Good design is a reflection of an innate sense of aesthetics. The interior design projects curated by Fabiia bear wholesome testimony to that. Do take a look at the projects envisioned and fulfilled by us to understand what we are talking about. Among our many successful projects is the office fit out at Emirates office in Tanzania. The interiors were done up with LED lighting supply and customised furniture from Fabiia’s extensive collection. The Hide restaurant in Abu Dhabi was custom fitted with restaurant furniture in consonance with our design ideas. The result is indeed a happy one!

As leading players in custom furniture manufacture and LED lighting supply, we ensure that client’s specifications are well borne in mind. We take care to deliver products of unmatched quality and cutting edge design. In fact, bespoke furniture designs are created in materials that our clients wish for. Now, isn’t that a real good thing?! Interior design projects like the one at Dar Al Arkan hotel required custom furniture manufacture for our client. Fabiia takes the conservation message very seriously and hence takes it in stride to lead in LED lighting supply that is both eco-friendly and long lasting.

Fabiia’s interior design projects are labours of love, created with mindful consideration of client’s needs. The Dean&Deluca happily showcases our restaurant furniture. Our ship furniture incorporates all the smart innovations ongoing in the field. Our selection of rattan restaurant furniture at the Emar Sales Center adds a touch of charm to the space! Our interior design projects make use of a variety of materials for custom furniture manufacture including restaurant furniture. We also curate smartly designed ship furniture. The Yinson OCTP Shipping Project had it furniture conceptualised by Fabiia complete with customised ship furniture. The Galitos project consisted of lighting supply and installation. Custom furniture manufacture is our forte, of course!

Among our many satisfied clients was also Her Bar Blowdry Salon, brightened by LED lighting supply from us.  We were delighted to undertake LED lighting supply and installation at Gems Winchester School. Our LED chandeliers have added to the beauty and grandeur of the Al Khawaneej villa.

A promise of unparalleled quality and service defines us at Fabiia, and we invite you to engage with us!

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